3D Mad Scientist Penguins of Zoo Nation

3D Mad Scientist Penguins of Zoo Nation 1

Watch crazed penguins bring ghouls back from the dead


  • Blends horror and comedy to great effect
  • Spooky soundtrack
  • Superb 3D graphics and slick animation


  • Don't download if you're under 18 or prone to heart attacks

Very good

What happens when two mad scientist penguins get together with some keys, a hat made of fruit, some alien DNA and a bottle of vodka? They unleash a series of strange beasts that strike fear into the heart of every mere mortal, of course. Well, at least they do in this utterly strange screensaver, which I love to bits.

Running this screensaver is like watching a really good cartoon, but it's a long way from Pingu, and the penguins in this one have a very warped sense of humour. They conjure up all manner of weird creatures from their glowing green cauldron, and although I found the ghosts pretty mundane some of the creations are genuinely terrifying. So much so that when the alien started talking I had to hide under the duvet with bits of tissue in my ears. Some of the animations are pretty funny too (watch out for the hilarious dancing Carmen Miranda skeleton) though the soundtrack that accompanies the screensaver is sinister enough to make you uneasy even through the comedy bits.

If you're looking for an original screensaver to liven up your day, then I can highly recommend these warped penguins. The only trouble is it's so entertaining you won't want to switch it off and return to your work.

3D Mad Scientist Penguins of Zoo Nation has seven main scenes with three mini-vignettes for each of the six indoor scenes. Mad Scientist Penguins Frida and her daughter Harper use the Zoo Nation 'Build A Creature Kit' on Halloween to create ghosts, a mummy, a Frankenstein monster, a Carmen-Miranda Dancing Skeleton, an Alien and a batch of something surprising that puts a real scare into them.

Haunting music plays at random start points throughout. The Alien scene might send chills up your spine. It certainly has Frida and Harper quaking. The demo contains full set of features. Have fun customizing this screensaver to your preferences. In addition to sound mute and volume control you can play your own MP3 music. Contains animated gif images and many sound files. Password protection is available.

3D Mad Scientist Penguins of Zoo Nation


3D Mad Scientist Penguins of Zoo Nation 1

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